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1 grow stronger; "The economy was booming" [syn: boom, thrive, get ahead, flourish, expand]
2 gain in wealth [syn: thrive, fly high, flourish]

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  1. To favor; to render successful.
  2. To be successful; to succeed; to be fortunate or prosperous; to thrive; to make gain.
  3. To grow; to increase.

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  • Arabic: يزدهر (yazdaher)
  • Dutch: welvaren
  • Old English: þeon

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advance, arrive, be blooded, be successful, catch on, click, come along, come off, come on, connect, develop, do well, enjoy prosperity, fare well, farewell, flourish, gain, get ahead, get on, get on swimmingly, get on well, go, go great guns, go off, go over, go over big, go to town, go well, graduate, grow, grow rich, make, make a hit, make good, make headway, make it, make progress, meet with success, pass, prevail, profit, progress, qualify, succeed, take, thrive, turn out well, work well, work wonders, yield
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